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Information Technology
Information Technology
Methods, Systems, And Media For Detecting The Presence Of An Analyte
WARF: P170366US02

Inventors: Nicholas Abbott, Yankai Cao, Victor Zavala Tejeda, Huaizhe Yu

The Invention
In accordance with some embodiments, methods, systems, and media for detecting the presence of are provided. In some embodiments, a method of detecting an analyte is provided, the method comprising: capturing an image of liquid crystals; determining one or more features based on the brightness of the pixels in the image; providing the one or more features to a trained support vector machine, wherein the support vector machine was trained using images captured of other liquid crystals when exposed to a first analyte and the other liquid crystals exposed to a second analyte; and receiving an indication from the support vector machine indicating whether the liquid crystals have been exposed to the first analyte.
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