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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Prosthetic Apparatus And Method Therefor
WARF: P170381US01

Inventors: Peter Adamczyk, Luke Steinbach, Michael Hahn

The Invention
Various aspects of the present disclosure characterize apparatuses and/or methods as may be implemented with a variety of prosthetic components and applications. As may be consistent with one or more embodiments described herein, movement parameters pertaining to movement of a user of a prosthetic foot are sensed as the user travels along a surface, with the prosthetic foot having a front ball region and a rear heel region for respectively contacting the surface. A state of movement of the user, including a speed at which the user is travelling along the surface, is determined based on the sensed movement parameters. Utilizing a mechanical actuator, the prosthetic foot is dynamically positioned in response to the speed at which the user is travelling along the surface, by manipulating the mechanical actuator to move the rear heel region relative to the front ball region based on changes in the speed.
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