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Interleukin-10 Receptor-2 Peptides, Antibodies, Compositions, And Methods Of Use Thereof
WARF: P170384US02

Inventors: Mark Cook, Maria (Arendt) Dashek

The Invention
Described herein are interleukin-10 receptor-2 peptides, antibodies that bind the peptides, compositions including the peptides and antibodies and methods of use of the peptides and antibodies. The interleukin-10 receptor-2 peptide consists of an 8-15 amino acid sequence that includes SEQ ID NO: 1 ((I/V)P(P/K/V/E)P(E/K/R/Q)N(A/V)R), SEQ ID NO: 2 ((S/L/V)PAF(A/P)(K/Q)(G/T/E)(N/T/D)), or SEQ ID NO: 3 (PP(G/T/Q/V)(V/T/A)(R/H/T/S)(GN/NHP/SAA)).
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