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Maize Inbred Lines To Be Utilized as Parents of Maize Silage Hybrids with Superior Compositional Characteristics and Dry Matter Yield (W617S-W625S)
WARF: P180034US01

Inventors: Natalia de Leon Gatti, Dustin Eilert, James Coors

The Invention
UW researchers have developed a collection of maize inbred lines that provide superior forage yield and compositional characteristics when used in silage hybrid production. The UW Silage Breeding and Biofeedstock Breeding Program is one of the only public breeding programs in the United States that is developing silage breeding material suitable for this region.

These inbreds have displayed superior overall forage yields when crossed by various inbred tester lines, such as LH244 and LH332. They consistently demonstrated superior performance for several important forage characteristics such as neutral detergent fiber (NDF), crude protein concentration, in-vitro dry matter digestibility, NDF digestibility, and starch concentration. These lines also produced hybrids with good forage yield, which combined with the superior compositional characteristics, can offer an increased milk yield potential in ruminant animals.
Additional Information
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