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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
In Vivo Gene Therapy Delivery Procedure Device
WARF: P180245US01

Inventors: Susan Hagness, Erik Aiken, John Booske, Hans Sollinger, Paul Laeseke, Tausif Alam

The Invention
A “localizable” systemic gene therapy system is provided substantially increasing the transfection efficiency of the gene vectors into targeted tissue cells and substantially reducing the escape of the gene vectors from the targeted tissue volume, such as would waste the vectors, promote undesired immune reactions, and/or incur prohibitive costs for the required dose of gene-containing virus vectors. In this regard, the invention provides a means to simultaneously achieve local electroporation and gene-containing vector injection in a portion of a vascularized organ. It includes two double-balloon catheters that create contained volumes in parallel blood vessels for the introduction of vectors with reduced loss along with electrodes providing electroporation of the cells in the same location where the vectors are injected.
Additional Information
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