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Extraction And Purification Of Mucin-2 (Muc-2) From Swine Small Intestines For Nutritional And Biomedical Applications
WARF: P180365US02

Inventors: Jess Reed, Sergio Madrigal-Carballo, Michael Polewski, Christian Krueger, Emilia Alfaro-Viquez

The Invention
Methods of purifying mucin, purified mucin, and products comprising the purified mucin. The methods include combining a mucin-containing substance with water and one or more purification agents to form a purification mixture, incubating the purification mixture for a time sufficient to form a mucin precipitate in a liquid phase, and separating the mucin precipitate from the liquid phase. The purification agents include one or more of a surfactant, a chelating agent, and a protic solvent. The mucin purified from the methods can be used alone or in combination with a biopolymer such as a tannin and chitosan and can be used to generate materials in the form of a gel, a foam, a film, or a powder.
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