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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
Systems And Methods For A Multi-Modality Phantom Having An Interchangeable Insert
WARF: P190204US02

Inventors: Michael Speidel, Lindsay Bodart, Timothy Hall, Amish Raval

The Invention
A multi-modality phantom is provided. The multi-modality phantom includes a container and an insert. The container defines an exterior that is separated from an interior space and designed to receive a tissue-mimicking medium for an ultrasound imaging process. The container further includes at least one access port formed in the container to perform the ultrasound imaging process of the interior space. The insert can be dimensioned to be selectively arranged within the interior space of the container. The insert includes imaging features arranged to simulate an environment and constructed to yield simultaneous imaging results when performing the ultrasound imaging process and at least one non-ultrasound imaging process.
Additional Information
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