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Information Technology
Information Technology
2-Bit Phase Quantization Phased Array Element
WARF: P200055US01

Inventors: Nader Behdad, John Booske, Hung Luyen

The Invention
A phase shift element includes a first dielectric layer, a conductive layer, a second dielectric layer, a conducting pattern layer, switches, and vertical interconnect accesses (vias). Each conductor of a plurality of conductors of the conducting pattern layer is orthogonal to two other conductors. Each switch is switchable between a conducting position and a non-conducting position. Each via is connected to a single conductor. The first conductive material reflects an electromagnetic wave incident on the conducting pattern layer and on the second dielectric layer. When a switch is in the conducting position, the switch electrically connects two conductors to each other through their respective vias. A plurality of different switch configurations of the switches provide a 2-bit phase quantization on the reflected electromagnetic wave relative to the electromagnetic wave incident on the conducting pattern layer when the electromagnetic wave is incident on the conducting pattern layer.
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