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Characterization Via Homologizing Disparate Speech Terminology
WARF: P200128WO01

Inventors: Joao Ricardo Reboucas Dorea, Rafael Ferreira

The Invention
Aspects of the present disclosure from UW Madison researchers are directed to methods and apparatuses involving characterization via homologizing disparate speech terminology. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments, audio processing circuitry is utilized to identify a respective language used for audio data sets. Homologizing circuitry is operable to homologize terms in the audio data sets for characterizing animals to which respective ones of the audio data sets are linked, by assessing and assigning terms in the respective audio data sets to respective homologized meanings based on the identified language for the audio data sets and an association between terms in the identified language for each audio data set and the homologized meaning. The homologized meanings may be in association with one of the animals to which the audio data set is linked, therein facilitating common characterizations of the animals utilizing disparate languages and terms.
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