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Complete Dissolution of Dried Whole Egg in Formic and/or Nitric Acid and Use of the Resulting Solution in the Food Industry and for Research in Human Nutrition
WARF: P220264WO01

Inventors: Michael Sussman, Jamison Wolfer, Heather Burch, Benjamin Minkoff

The Invention
UW-Madison researchers have developed a method for complete dissolution of dried whole egg in formic acid that produces a very concentrated translucent solution of whole eggs that allows for lossless analysis, manipulation, and a number of downstream applications. The inventors performed an extensive analysis of acids, bases, and organic solvents for the ability to dissolve whole egg powder. Of those, only two were able to completely dissolve the dried egg: formic acid and nitric acid. The resulting solutions can be easily measured and manipulated for applications in labs and in the food industry.
Additional Information
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