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Meristem Transformation Method Using A Liquid Selection Medium
WARF: P230239US02

Inventors: Edward Williams, William Petersen, Alvar Carlson, Ray Collier, Shawn Kaeppler, Michael Petersen, Robert Harnish, Taylor Suo

The Invention
UW-Madison researchers have developed a method for genetically manipulating cannabis that is less laborious and more efficient than previous methods. The new method involves retaining both primary leaves in the cannabis explant, culturing the explant in a liquid media rather than on a solid media, and using spectinomycin at the rooting stage along with a specialized rooting media. The researchers used agrobacterium to transfect the plant with a gene encoding a red fluorescent protein. This method cut the time between excising the explant to the greenhouse in half as compared to their initial method and improved transformation frequency 5-10x higher than the previous method the researchers used.
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