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Antimicrobials Isolated From Cranberry
WiSys: T09012US03

Inventors: Teri Shors, Brant Kedrowski

The Invention
There is a need for an efficient method of processing fruit and seed extracts with antimicrobial properties, for identification of novel anti-microbial compounds. For instance, there are numerous health benefits associated with cranberry consumption, including reports of anti-viral properties, however, the compound(s) associated with those properties have yet to be identified. A highly efficient method of extraction and analysis allows researchers the ability to understand the most active compounds within cranberries in order to select them for further development and commercialization.
  • Antiviral compounds and formulations for nutraceutical or pharmaceutical use
Key Benefits
  • Potential broad spectrum antiviral activity
  • All natural extracts
Stage of Development
Methods and target extracts identified
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