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WARF Advances in Food and Agriculture | April 2024

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Genetically Modified Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria 
The bacteria could be used to make biofertilizers to stimulate plant growth.
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Improved Pollen Collection Methods
This fast, easy and inexpensive method of collecting, processing and storing maize pollen gives plant breeders more flexibility around the timing of pollination.
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Modulating Listeria Virulence
UW-Madison chemists developed compounds that can be used to to inhibit the formation and growth of Listeria monocytogenes biofilms on surfaces and treat listeria infections.
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Alternative Transit Peptides to Increase Plant Transformation Efficiency
The ambiguous biorganellar transit peptides ​​​​​increase transformation efficiency and also enable transformation of additional plant species.
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Modified Gene Vaccines Against Avian Coronaviruses
The novel infectious bronchitis vaccines are suitable for mass vaccination and effective in eliciting robust immune responses and providing protection against avian coronaviruses.
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Featured UW-Madison Researcher

Amanda Gevens, Professor of Plant Pathology

“Amanda has a passion and talent for translating research results into practical solutions to impact the industry’s bottom line. She has established long-term relationships with industry, and growers rely on her recommendations for their own crop management.”

Emily Bauer, WARF Director of Licensing

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