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WARF Advances in Clean Tech | September 2023

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Boosting Aromatic Amino Acid Production and CO2 Assimilation in Plants
UW botanists identified point mutations that can be used to enhance plant-based sustainable conversion of atmospheric CO2 to high-energy, valuable aromatic compounds.
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Oxygen Ion Transport Materials and Devices
These new interstitial oxygen diffusers offer rapid oxygen transfer at room temperature and can be used in solid oxide fuel cells, super capacitors, gas sensors, oxygen separation membranes, metal-air batteries and more.
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Solubilizing Biomass Under Mild Conditions
A team of UW biochemists has developed a simple and efficient method of dissolving biomass using concentrated sulfuric acid and cysteine at room temperature.
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Aqueous Energy Storage Systems with Desalination Capabilities
This aqueous rechargeable Na-ion battery (ARNB) system can operate in seawater and achieve seawater desalination, making it an attractive candidate for energy storage systems.
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Sustainable Calcium Hydroxide Production for Green Cement
The process utilizes a low-temperature ammonia cycle to manufacture calcium hydroxide from a wide range of calcium-bearing industrial waste streams as a way to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with cement production.
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