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WARF Advances in Engineering and Computer Science | March 2023

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

New, Lightweight Material to Protect Against Bullets and Other High-Speed Impacts
A UW engineering physics team is using carbon nanotubes to make armor that’s stronger than Kevlar.
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Biological Sensing and Communication Using Optogenetics and Electronics
UW engineers have combined the innate sensing capabilities of biological compounds with the power of electronics to create a hybrid “bio-electronic” network.
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Integrated Capacitor, Inductor and Resistor for Use as a Power Converter Filter
This novel bus bar design integrates what is currently a separate, large and bulky filter component into existing components of an inverter system.
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Computer Implemented Program Simplification
UW computer scientists created a computerized system for specializing programs based on a predefined set of desired program functions, reducing program bloat while ensuring the soundness of the resulting program.
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Movement Monitoring System
A team of researchers has developed a video-based software system for assessing workplace ergonomics and safety.
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