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WARF Advances in Engineering and Computer Science | March 2024

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Quantum Computing Without Errors
A team of physicists developed a quantum device that shows a significant increase in valley splitting, a key property needed for error-free quantum computing.
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Two-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Liquid Crystal Films for Wafer-Scale Electronics
The arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes are expected to have improved power efficiency, electrostatic gate control and switching speed as compared to conventional semiconductors in field-effect transistors.
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Aerosol Jet Printer Providing In-Flight Aerosol Characterization
This tool enables droplet field measurement of velocity and mass distributions, allowing superior control of the process variables that ultimately affect line quality for an aerosol jet printer.
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Coherent Light Source Based on Collective Spontaneous Emission
The light source provides high-quality coherent light from collective spontaneous emission obtained from a large number of disordered atoms distributed diffusely over a large area by maintaining an optically thin cloud.
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Magnonic Electromagnetic Radiation Sources with High Output Power at High Frequencies
UW materials scientists have developed a fundamentally new type of mmW emitter, which only shows moderate power drop even at the 300 GHz frequency.
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Blended Biometric Data
This biometric processing system for authentication combines multiple biometric signals using machine learning to map the different signals into a common argument space that may be processed by a similar fuzzy extractor.
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Featured UW-Madison Researcher

Mike Arnold, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

“Mike’s work will support the development of next-generation chips that will help drive enhanced wireless and logic technologies for our advanced communication and computing needs. Mike is focused on developing the commercial potential for his research and technologies, and we are excited to be his partner.”

Jeanine Burmania, WARF Senior Director, IP and Licensing

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