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WARF Advances in Food and Ag | December 2022

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Supercharging Photosynthesis to Increase Carbon Storage, Aromatics Production
See how a team of botanists is supercharging photosynthesis to absorb more carbon from the atmosphere.
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Soybeans with Increased Resistance to Sclerotinia Stem Rot and Drought Tolerance 
A team of plant pathologists has developed transgenic soybeans with increased resistance to a highly damaging fungal pathogen, as well as improved drought tolerance.
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Wheat and Barley Resistant to Fusarium Head Blight  
These transgenic wheat and barley lines have an enhanced mutated enzyme that results in plants resistant to Fusarium head blight disease.
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Cold-Tolerant Brewing Yeast
UW-Madison researchers have developed the first maltotriose-consuming strains of S. eubayanus, a novel cold-tolerant brewing yeast.
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