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Methods Of Processing Aromatic Compounds
WARF: P150130US02

Inventors: Timothy Donohue, Daniel Noguera, Julian Oshlag, Weiping Zhang, Samantha Austin

The Invention
A method of processing a solution comprising aromatic compounds. The method includes culturing a first microorganism in the solution for a time sufficient to reduce an amount of an aromatic compound and thereby generate a processed solution. The culturing may remove an aromatic compound deleterious to growth of a second microorganism without substantially reducing fermentable sugars, thereby permitting enhanced growth of the second microorganism in the processed solution. The culturing may additionally or alternatively convert an aromatic compound into a commodity chemical. The methods of the present invention are advantageous for processing lignocellulosic biomass for upgrading to biofuel or for generating commodity chemicals therefrom.
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