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Analytical Instrumentation Methods Materials
High-Speed Dna Sequencing With Optically Active Nanopore
WARF: P150166US01

Inventors: Robert Blick, Paul Gwozdz, Abhishek Bhat, Wolfgang Hansen, Christian Heyn

The Invention
A nanoscale-sized pore positioned between two reservoirs may sequence biomolecules by detecting changes in the emitted light due to a change in charge of portions of the biomolecules as they pass through the pore such as affect an emission frequency of a quantum structure proximate to the pore opening. The nanopores may be fabricated using local droplet etching whose randomness is accommodated by lowering the droplet density to permit isolation of nanopores in tiles that may be adhered to an underlying supporting substrate having an aligned opening. The nanopore-tiles may be integrated with commonly applied glass chips and may be employed in microfluidic circuitry.
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