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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
Methods For Quantifying Pancreatic Beta Cell Function And Mass Properties With Radiomanganese Positron Emission Tomography
WARF: P150361US02

Inventors: Weibo Cai, Robert Nickles, Reinier Hernandez, Stephen Graves

The Invention
Methods for imaging beta cells in pancreatic tissue using radioisotopes of manganese, which may be referred to as radiomanganese, are described. Example radioisotopes of manganese include Mn-52g, Mn-52m, and Mn-51. As one example, radiomanganese can be used to image pancreatic beta cells, in which radiomanganese shows a preferential uptake. This provides for applications such as quantifying beta cell mass (e.g., functional beta cell mass), assessing transplant viability, and monitoring the efficacy of drug treatments. A pharmacological agent can be administered to modulate the uptake of divalent metals by the pancreatic beta cells, which can be correlated to a modulated uptake of radiomanganese to estimate pancreatic beta cell mass, function, or both.
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