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Singularity Reduction in Quadrilateral Meshes for Optimized Computer Simulations
WARF: P160402US01

Inventors: Krishnan Suresh, Chaman Verma

The Invention
Systems and methods for modifying and generating quadrilateral meshes for computer graphic structures include obtaining a polygon mesh representing a computer graphic structure, the polygon mesh comprising a plurality of polygonal faces and a plurality of singularities, determining, based on a first singularity of the plurality of vertices, selecting, based on one or more characteristics of the patch, a first minimum singularity template (MST) of a plurality of MSTs each representing a corresponding quadmesh that has three or fewer singularities, and replacing, within the polygon mesh, the patch with the first MST.
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Engineering industry
  • Theatrical animation
  • Graphics
Additional Information
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