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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Microwave Ablation Antenna System With Slot Balun
WARF: P170070US01

Inventors: Susan Hagness, Nader Behdad, Hung Luyen

The Invention
A balun includes a center conductor, a dielectric material, a tapered wall, a ring, and a prong. The center conductor extends a length of the balun. The dielectric material surrounds the center conductor along the length of the balun. The tapered wall forms a portion of a tube between a first wall and a second wall. The first wall is opposite the second wall. The tapered wall is formed of a conductive material. The portion of the tube forms a slot exposing the dielectric material. The ring connects to the second wall of the tapered wall and is formed of the conductive material. The ring forms a tube surrounding the center conductor and the dielectric material. The prong connects to the ring to extend toward the first wall and is formed of the conductive material. The prong extends over a portion of the dielectric material exposed by the slot.
Additional Information
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