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Drug Delivery
Drug Delivery
An Ionic Liquid-Based Nanoemulsion Formulation For The Efficient Delivery Of Hydrophobic Therapeutic Agents
WARF: P180283US02

Inventors: Sandro Mecozzi, Moira Esson

The Invention
The present invention discloses an ionic liquid composition comprising an at least partially hydrophobic ionic liquid, wherein the at least partially hydrophobic ionic liquid comprises a dication comprising two monocationic groups linked by a bridging group wherein the bridging group provides an at least partially hydrophobic character. The composition may also include a hydrophilic ionic liquid. The hydrophobic ionic liquid may include a quaternary ammonium group which may be substituted or unsubstituted, saturated or unsaturated, linear, branched, cyclic or aromatic and the bridging group is a unsubstituted or substituted C3-C10 alkylene or C3-C10 alkoxyalkyl. Also disclosed is a nanoemulsion formulation which includes the ionic liquid compositions, at least one polymer, a hydrophobic liquid, an aqueous liquid, and a hydrophobic or hydrophilic therapeutic agent. Methods to deliver a therapeutic agent by delivering a nanoemulsion and methods to make a nanoemulsion are also disclosed.
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