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Analytical Instrumentation, Methods & Materials
Analytical Instrumentation Methods Materials
Ultrafast, Multiphoton-Pump, Multiphoton-Probe Spectroscopy
WARF: P180308US02

Inventors: John Wright, Darien Morrow, Daniel Kohler

The Invention
Methods for pump-probe spectroscopy are provided. In an embodiment, such a method comprises directing pump light having a frequency ωpump at a location in a sample to excite a transition between two quantum states of a target entity in the sample, directing probe light at the location to generate a coherent output signal having a frequency ωoutput and a wavevector koutput, and detecting the output signal as the probe light is scanned over a range of frequencies. In the method, either the transition excited by the pump light is a multiphoton transition corresponding to a frequency difference of n*ωpump, wherein n≥2; or the probe light is a set of m coherent light pulses, each coherent light pulse having a frequency ωm and a wavevector km, wherein m≥2; or both. Systems for carrying out the methods are also provided.
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