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Volume-Free Reagent Addition And Exclusion-Based Sample Preparation For Streamlined Multi-Step Assays
WARF: P190228US02

Inventors: David Beebe, Joshua Lang, Duane Juang, Scott Berry, Tamara Rodems

The Invention
A method of sample preparation for streamlined multi-step assays is provided. The method includes the step of providing a microfluidic device including a reservoir defined by a surface configured to repel an aqueous solution. A dried reagent is provided on a portion of the surface and the reservoir is filled with an oil. A first droplet formed from the aqueous solution is positioned on the dried reagent so to pick-up and re-dissolve the dried reagent therein so as to expose the portion of the surface. In addition, a second droplet of an aqueous solution may be deposited on a hydrophilic spot patterned on the surface. A magnetic force may be configured to interact magnetically with the paramagnetic beads within the first droplet to move the droplet through the oil in the reservoir or to move the paramagnetic beads from the first droplet, through the oil, into the second droplet.
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