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Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits
Semiconductors Integrated Circuits
WARF: P190247US02

Inventors: Michael Arnold, Robert Jacobberger, Paul Nealey, Shisheng Xiong, Zhenqiang Ma, Tzu-Hsuan Chang

The Invention
UW-Madison and University of Chicago researchers have developed a method for directed self-assembly of block copolymer films that relies on obtaining the correct balance of surface energies for the template materials as well as the interfacial energies between each template material and each block of the block copolymer. This technique spatially directs the orientation, lateral order, and placement of BCP lamellae using isolated chemical stripes as templates, providing a simpler path towards high-volume sub-10 nm manufacturing. This method is not unique to 2D materials such as graphene and can be used with other materials that have similar surface energy such as photoresist, organic planarization layers, spin-on carbon, amorphous carbon, nitrides, self-assembled monolayers with various head groups and organic small molecules.
Additional Information
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