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WARF: P210165WO01

Inventors: Ive Hermans, Lesli Mark, William McDermott, Theodore Agbi

The Invention
UW-Madison researchers developed a carbon-supported boron catalyst for the selective and active oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) of alkanes to produce alkenes (e.g., olefins comprising two or more carbons). The use of a carbon support is made possible via a nitric acid treatment to generate oxidized activated carbon (OAC). Following activation, the OAC is treated with boric acid to generate a boron impregnated OAC. A final treatment step results in the robust, selective, and cost-efficient boron/OAC catalyst. This discovery builds up the researchers’ prior work, which includes a range of boron-containing catalysts for ODH. 
Key Benefits
  • Outperform conventional catalysts
  • Improved induction period compared to other boron-containing catalysts
  • Substantially higher olefin selectivity and alkane conversion rates
  • Improved byproduct mix
  • Significantly less expensive to implement at scale
  • Ready for industrial-scale implementation
  • Stable over the long term
Additional Information
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