WARF Ambassador Program


Connecting UW–Madison researchers to technology transfer

WARF Ambassadors help enhance the vital connection between research and tech transfer by increasing WARF's visibility on campus. Ambassadors are creative and energetic graduate students and postdocs from scientific or technical disciplines who are interested in the technology transfer process. They spend up to 10 hours per month enhancing WARF's engagement with campus researchers through departmental seminars, informal contacts and more.

WARF’s graduate student and postdoc Ambassadors share information about WARF’s role in technology development and entrepreneurial resources with campus departments. Their on-the-ground experience helps inform new initiatives and enhance communication between WARF and the campus community. Ambassadors gain experience in leading events, speaking to diverse audiences and learn about the importance of intellectual property and technology transfer at a university.

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Current Ambassadors

Shane Bernard

Shane Bernard

Department: Bacteriology
Major Professor: Jean-Michel Ane
Email: smbernard@wisc.edu
Background: Researches the molecular tools used by plants and microbes to communicate; learned about WARF as part of the Integrated Program in Biochemistry.

Francesco profile picture

Francesco Carotti

Department: Engineering Physics
Major Professor: Raluca Scarlat
Email: carotti@wisc.edu
Background: Studies the chemistry of high temperature molten salts used for clean energy applications; attended the Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp and participated in the WARF Discovery Challenge.

Lukas profile picture

Lukas Duddleston

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Major Professor: Tim Osswald
Email: lduddleston@wisc.edu
Background: Studies various polymer (plastics) engineering problems ranging from plastic pipe extrusion to 3-D printing with an emphasis on supporting industrial partners.

Isabel Foreman-Ortiz

Department: Chemistry
Major Professor: Joel Pedersen
Email: foremanortiz@wisc.edu
Background: Studies the interaction of fundamental nanomaterials with model cellular membranes relevant for environmental release and fate of emerging, industrially-relevant nanomaterials.

Sanjan Gupta

Department: Chemical & Biological Engineering
Major Professor: Jennifer Reed
Email: tpsanjan@gmail.com
Background: Develops machine learning-based methods for solving various problems in metabolic and protein engineering space; selected for Wisconsin Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017 and finalist in WARF Discovery Challenge 2016.

Lauren Hillers

Department: Comparative Biosciences
Major Professor: Lisa Arendt
Email: lhillers@wisc.edu
Background: Studies how obesity increases breast cancer risk and tumor progression through obesity altered immune populations and breast microenvironment; learned about WARF through peers.

Zachary Kemmerer

Department: Biochemistry
Major Professor: David Pagliarini
Email: zkemmerer@morgridge.org
Background: Investigates the role of highly conserved UbiB family atypical kinases in mitochondrial energy production and cellular lipid homeostasis; submitted one invention disclosure to WARF.

Alex LaReau

Department: Bacteriology
Major Professor: Garret Suen
Email: alareau@wisc.edu
Background: Researches fiber-degrading bacteria found in the cow rumen with a focus on potential implications for animal health and biofuels applications.

Xinyue Peng

Department: Chemical & Biological Engineering
Major Professor: Thatcher Root, Christos Maravelias
Email: xpeng37@wisc.edu
Background: Studies thermochemical storage systems for concentrating solar power through computational methods; attended the Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

Akire Trestrail

Department: Medical Physics
Major Professor: Bruce Thomadsen
Email: trestrail@wisc.edu
Background: Researches directional brachytherapy; attended the Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

Headshot of Sandy

Sandy Tseng

Department: Biochemistry
Major Professor: Aseem Ansari
Email: sctseng@wisc.edu
Background: Studies how gene expression is regulated via modifications of RNA Polymerase II; participated in the WARF Discovery Challenge.