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WARF Ambassador Program

Become a WARF Ambassador!

  • Learn about patents, licensing and related career opportunities
  • Gain leadership skills by organizing events and leading presentations
  • Build your network of tech transfer professionals and peers across campus

All graduate students and postdocs from scientific or technical disciplines are eligible.

Contact Beth Werner, Director of IP, Life Sciences at bwerner@warf.org to learn more.

Contact us at ambassador@warf.org with questions.

WARF Ambassadors help enhance the vital connection between research and tech transfer by increasing WARF's visibility on campus. Ambassadors are creative and energetic graduate students and postdocs from scientific or technical disciplines who are interested in the technology transfer process. They spend up to 10 hours per month enhancing WARF's engagement with campus researchers through departmental seminars, informal contacts and more.

WARF’s graduate student and postdoc Ambassadors share information about WARF’s role in technology development and entrepreneurial resources with campus departments. Their on-the-ground experience helps inform new initiatives and enhance communication between WARF and the campus community. Ambassadors gain experience in leading events, speaking to diverse audiences and learn about the importance of intellectual property and technology transfer at a university.
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Current Ambassadors

Pallavi Chhabra

Department: Curriculum and Instruction
Major Professor: Carl Grant
Email: chhabra2@wisc.edu
Background: Researches the use of technology in K-12 education settings and teacher preparation for diverse classrooms.

Graham Delafield

Department: Chemistry
Major Professor: Lingjun Li
Email: delafield@wisc.edu
Background: Develops novel separation strategies for biomolecules prior to mass spectrometry to aid in the discovery of potential biomarkers for neurological disorders and disease progression.

Claire Erickson

Department: Medicine - Geriatrics
Major Professor: Sterling Johnson
Email: cmerickson4@wisc.edu
Background: Studies modifiable factors in Alzheimer's disease that may affect disease trajectory.

Emily Kaufman

Department: Chemistry
Major Professor: John Wright
Email: emkaufman@wisc.edu
Background: Studies the catalytic properties of vitamin B12 using novel multidimensional spectroscopic methods.

Aiping Liu

Department: Surgery
Major Professor: Angela Gibson
Email: aliu26@wisc.edu
Background: Researches wound healing, focusing on burn wounds.

Jeanette Metzger

Department: Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Major Professor: Marina Emborg
Email: jmshultz@wisc.edu
Background: Investigates mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease-associated cardiac sympathetic nerve loss using a nonhuman primate research model; learned about WARF through peers and the 2018 Morgridge Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

Laura Muehlbauer

Department: Chemistry
Major Professor: Joshua Coon
Email: lmuehlbauer@wisc.edu
Background: Uses mass spectrometry to accurately interrogate proteomes to inform and influence our understanding of health and disease.