Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

WARF Accelerator Microbiome Challenge Grant

Understanding and manipulating the microbiome has huge implications in human and animal health, both directly through the microbiomes found in and on humans and animals as well as microbiomes found in the environment.

WARF launched an Accelerator challenge in spring 2021 to identify and support technologies on campus that are addressing this important area of research.

Grant Details

  • WARF Accelerator will award 2-5 grants from a $100,000 pool
  • Individuals and teams should complete these questions and submit them as an attachment to your innovation disclosure
  • WARF staff will evaluate proposals
  • Proposed research to be completed in a year
  • Project team must include a Principal Investigator (PI) at UW-Madison or the Morgridge Institute for Research

Assessment Criteria

  • Technical readiness
  • Commercial potential
  • Concepts must be new (not something previously disclosed to WARF)

Microbiome Description

The microbiome encompasses complex microbial communities affecting human, animal and ecological health and wellness. These microbial communities can include bacteria, fungi and viruses that exist in a dynamic harmony. A lot of research has explored the dynamics of these communities, and researchers continue to search for ways of promoting the good balance these communities need to thrive. This research requires devices and methods of analyzing huge numbers of microbial members and data analysis tools to understand the interactions between community members. Technologies related to any of these aspects will be considered, including:

  • Probiotics, prebiotics, and other supplements for human, animal, or environmental applications (wellness, inflammation, allergenicity, etc.)
  • Research tools and algorithms for studying the microbiome
  • Devices and methods of analyzing microbial populations
  • Data analysis tools to understand the interactions within the microbiome
  • Microbial signaling

Any Questions?

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