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WARF Accelerator Electrification Challenge Grant 

Electrification, the shift to using electricity rather than fossil fuels to power our buildings, vehicles, industries and more, is critical to meeting the future global depend for energy and holds promise for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and lowering energy costs. 

 WARF is launching a spring WARF Accelerator challenge to identify and support technologies on campus that impact this important area of research. Even if you believe your idea is early stage, please consider submitting an application. We’re interested in hearing your idea. 

Deadline extended: Apply by April 8

Grant Details

  • WARF Accelerator will award 2-3 grants from a $100,000 pool
  • Individuals and teams should complete these questions and submit them as an attachment to your innovation disclosure. Please include “Electrification Challenge” in the description of your innovation. 
  • WARF staff will evaluate proposals
  • Proposed research to be completed within a year
  • Project team must include a Principal Investigator (PI) at UW-Madison or the Morgridge Institute for Research

Assessment Criteria

  • Technical readiness 
  • Commercial potential 
  • Concepts must be new (not something previously disclosed to WARF) 
  • Projects do not need to be patentable 

Electrification Projects

Electrification is crucial to meeting future energy needs, reducing pollution and decarbonizing the economy.  

We’re looking for projects that focus on aspects of electrification, including: 

  • Software, methods, devices and systems that optimize the electrical grid, grid resiliency and power distribution 
  • Electric vehicles and infrastructure 
  • Advanced controls and power electronics 
  • Energy storage including batteries and capacitors 
  • Energy generation 

Any Questions?

Contact Leah Haman