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WARF Advances in Clean Tech | September 2022

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Breakthrough Physics for Clean Energy Generation
The Wisconsin High-field Axisymmetric Mirror (WHAM) project is leveraging major advances in superconducting magnets and plasma heating to pursue commercially viable nuclear fusion power.
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Sustainable Production of Oleochemicals from Renewable Feedstock 
UW-Madison researchers have developed metabolic engineering strategies to boost production of oleochemicals from renewable feedstocks. This work could help producers lessen reliance on oil crops and petroleum.
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Desalination Battery
Startup ChloBis Water is developing a rechargeable desalination cell to help the world transform seawater into fresh water and also efficiently remove salt from wastewater at treatment centers.
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Green Synthesis of Bio-Based Polyurethanes and Polyesters  
Discover chemical engineers working to unlock bio building blocks and help farmers in the process. Their new biomass-derived compound could serve as a green substitute for important platform chemicals used in everything from consumer goods to medical devices.
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Transient Biodegradable Battery
A team of materials scientists developed a battery with a filament structure that limits the speed of the reaction, allowing for a longer battery lifetime with controlled output.
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One-Step Process to Generate Lignin-Derived Aromatics from Raw Biomass
While some methods treat a very tough component of biomass called lignin as waste, this team’s process turns it into valuable compounds.
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Recombinant Microbe for Bioproduct & Biofuel Production
By combining genetic and bioreactor engineering, this team developed strains of the robust industrial bacterium R. sphaeroides capable of producing and secreting lipids at high levels.
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Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
GLBRC technologies have the potential to offer new competitive advantages and products for biorefiners, farmers and a number of multibillion dollar industries.
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