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Method To Perform Beam-Type Collision-Activated Dissociation In The Pre-Existing Ion Injection Pathway Of A Mass Spectrometer
WARF: P09349US02

Inventors: Joshua Coon, Graeme McAlister

The Invention
Described herein are methods and systems related to the use of the pre-existing ion injection pathway of a mass spectrometer to perform beam-type collision-activated dissociation, as well as other dissociation methods. Following injection and selection of a particular ion type or population, that population can be fragmented using the pre-existing ion injection pathway or inlet of a mass spectrometer. This is achieved by transmitting the ions back along the ion injection pathway. As the ions pass into the higher pressure regions located in or near the atmospheric pressure inlet, the ions are fragmented and then trapped. Following fragmentation and trapping, the ions can either be re-injected into the primary ion selection device or sent on to a secondary mass analyzer.
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