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Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits
Semiconductors Integrated Circuits
WARF: P230140US01

Inventors: Jiamian Hu, Shihao Zhuang, Chang-Beom Eom

The Invention
UW-Madison researchers have designed optoelectronic transducers that convert a femtosecond (fs)-timescale laser pulse into an a.c. electrical current pulse with an extremely high frequency and a high quality factor (Q.) Both the frequency and amplitude of the a.c. electrical current pulse can be dynamically tuned by the application of a varying bias magnetic field. The optoelectronic transducers are based on a trilayered freestanding membrane that functions as both an acoustic cavity and a magnon cavity. The freestanding membrane includes an electrical conductor layer, a magnetic insulator layer, and a dielectric layer arranged in a vertical stack.
Additional Information
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