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WARF Innovation Day

Inspiring presentations about exciting technologies

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2019 Innovation Day Technologies and Results

WARF Accelerator Quick Pitches

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WARF Innovation Awards

Mark Saffman
Mark Saffman

An independent panel of judges selected the Innovation Award winners from a field of six finalists drawn from among approximately 350 invention disclosures.


Simplified optical hardware for quantum computing 
Mark Saffman (physics) developed a technology, which was recently licensed to ColdQuanta Inc. and improves an apparatus for particle trapping, which will reduce the cost and complexity of next-generation quantum computing devices (brief inventor video, technology summary)

Contact Emily Bauer for Licensing information.

Ophelia Venturelli, Philip Romero
Ophelia Venturelli, Philip Romero

Microfluidic tool for mapping how bacteria interact in microbiomes 
Ophelia Venturelli, Philip Romero, Ryan Hsu and Jin Wen Tan (biochemistry) for a technology that provides the ability to investigate these interactions on a large scale, which has implications from personalized medicine to improved food safety.
(brief inventor video,  technology summary)

Contact Jennifer Gottwald for Licensing information.

Other finalists:

  • Shannon Stahl, Hao Luo (chemistry), – One-Step Process to Generate Lignin-Derived Aromatics from Raw Biomass: brief inventor video, technology summary
  • Brian Martinell, Michael Petersen, Edward Williams (Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center), Frank McFarland, Nathaniel Schleif, Shawn Kaeppler, Heidi Kaeppler (agronomy) – Improved Extraction and Preservation of Pathogen-Free Maize Germplasm: brief inventor video
  • Bhuvana Krishnaswamy, Yaman Sangar (electrical & computer engineering), – Power-Saving, Data-Transmitting System for Wireless Remote Sensing: brief inventor video 
  • Ari Rosenberg (neuroscience), Brittany Travers (kinesiology), Adhira Sunkara (WiSys), – App for Stratifying Autism Spectrum Disorders: brief inventor video, technology summary


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