WARF Innovation Day

Inspiring presentations about exciting technologies

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Monona Terrace, Madison, WI

This year’s WARF Innovation Day is presented in conjunction with the WI Tech Council’s Early Stage Symposium (ESS), taking place Nov. 6-7. Learn more about the ESS and register.

1 p.m. Welcome & Opening Remarks

Greg Keenan, manager of WARF Accelerator

He will describe how industry partners, investors and researchers can get involved with this program and these projects. 

1:15 p.m. Quick Pitch Presentations

Sneak peek: Hear from the investigators moving promising technologies closer to the marketplace and learn how WARF Accelerator is helping to de-risk their discoveries.

The presentations will include:

  • Novel Respiratory Monitoring (School of Medicine and Public Health)
  • New Electrochemical Desalination Strategies (College of Letters and Science)
  • Aerial Potato Disease Detection with Hyperspectral Systems (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
  • Production of a Plant Hemoglobin and Its Use in Meat Substitutes (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
  • Customized Nanomembrane Sieves (UW-Platteville)
  • Peripheral GABAA Receptor Modulation Targeting Inflammatory Disease of Smooth Muscle (UW-Milwaukee)

2:30-3 p.m. Coffee break and posters

3 p.m. Keynote Speaker, Tom Krummel

Best Way to Predict the Future...Is to Invent It!
Experienced entrepreneur, surgeon and innovator Tom Krummel will join WARF Innovation Day as our keynote speaker. Krummel will share lessons learned from co-founding the Stanford Byers Center for BioDesign and his thoughts on the importance of commercializing university research.

4 p.m. WARF Innovation Awards

Recognizing early-stage innovation
Finalist groups will share three-minute summaries of their technology. The two winning groups are selected by a panel of external judges who look for technologies with potential for long-term impact that present an exciting solution to a known problem and may produce broad benefits for humankind.

The six finalists for the WARF Innovation Awards are:

  • Platform for High-Throughput Analysis of Microbial Interactions (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
  • Simplified Optical Traps for Quantum Computing (College of Letters and Science)
  • One-Step Process to Generate Lignin-Derived Aromatics from Raw Biomass (College of Letters and Science)
  • Improved Extraction and Preservation of Pathogen-Free Maize Germplasm (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences & WI Crop Innovation Center)
  • Power-Saving, Data-Transmitting System for Wireless Remote Sensing (College of Engineering)
  • App for Stratifying Autism Spectrum Disorders (School of Medicine and Public Health)

5 p.m. Reception

Enjoy appetizers, drinks and networking.

2018 WARF Innovation Day: Videos

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If you have questions, please email lallen@warf.org or call 608-960-9873.