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Research Tools
Titin Minigene: Cardiac Research Tool
WARF: P170288US01

Inventors: Marion Greaser, Shijun Li, Wei Guo

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in a minigene construct of the titin gene that can be used for cardiac drug research and other applications.
Titin is a sarcomeric protein expressed primarily in striated muscles. It is responsible for maintaining the structure and biomechanical properties of muscle cells.

In the heart, cardiac titin undergoes developmental size reduction from neonate to adulthood. This reduction results from gradually increased exon skipping between exons 50 and 219 of titin mRNA. UW–Madison researchers and collaborators previously identified Rbm20 as the splicing factor responsible for this process.
The Invention
To study the mechanisms of Rbm20-mediated exome skipping, the researchers have produced a number of minigene constructs (described in Li 2013). The construct comprises exons 64-70 of the titin gene.
  • Cardiac drug research tool
Key Benefits
  • Available as a biomaterial
  • Li S., Guo W., Dewey C.N. and Greaser M.L. 2013. Rbm20 Regulates Titin Alternative Splicing as a Splicing Repressor. Nucleic Acids Res. 41, 2659–2672.
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