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Research Tools
WARF: P220238US01

Inventors: Wei Guo, Marion Greaser

The Invention
A UW-Madison researcher has developed and characterized an anti-RBM20 polyclonal antibody rabbit preparation (which he calls the “RBM20 antibody”). The inventor expressed and purified the full length RBM20 protein in E. Coli and injected the RBM20 protein antigen into rabbit to produce RBM20 antibody. A dilution of 1: 1000 to 2000 of the RBM20 antibody can be applied to western blot analysis, and 1: 50 to 200 can be used for immuno-cytochemical and immunohistochemical analysis. This antibody has high specificity to RBM20 protein and can cross-react to many species such as human, mice, rats, sheep, cow and pig.
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