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Drug Discovery Development
Compositions,m Ethods And Devices For Preparing Less Painful Botulinum Toxin Formulations
WARF: P05406US

Inventors: Gary Borodic, Martin Acquadro

The Invention
Devices, methods and kits are disclosed for preparing and administering less-painful formulations of Botulinum toxin. The devices, methods and kits of the present invention are comprised of or use an acidic formulation of Botulinum toxin, or, in certain embodiments, a freeze- or flash-dried composition of Botulinum toxin, having a long shelf-life which is subsequently mixed with an acid-neutralizing solution and, optionally a sequestration agent prior to administration to a patient in need thereof. The pH-neutralized formulation of Botulinum toxin is pharmaceutically acceptable for administration to a patient and is significantly less painful than acidic formulations of Botulinum toxin or formulations of Botulinum toxin having unnecessary antigens.
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