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System And Method For En Masse Patterning Of Molecule Structures
WARF: P170209US02

Inventors: David Schwartz, Kristy Kounovsky-Shafer, Juan Hernandez-Ortiz, Konstantinos Potamousis, Kyubong Jo, Juan DePablo, Theo Odijk

The Invention
Devices, systems, and methods for en masse patterning of nucleic acid molecule structures are disclosed. The devices can include microchannels and nanoslits. The microchannels and nanoslits can be connected by parking chambers. The systems and methods can utilize the geometry of the devices in coordination with a voltage application routine to park nucleic acid molecules in the parking chambers and subsequently inject the nucleic acid molecules into the nanoslits. The methods can be utilized to present nucleic acid molecules in a fashion suitable for genomic analysis. The methods can also be utilized to provide size selection of the nucleic acid molecules.
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