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Drug Discovery Development
Primatized Mouse
WARF: P210237US02

Inventors: Matthew Brown

The Invention
The present invention is a novel, primatized mouse model for studying the immune system of nonhuman primates in a relatively low-cost mouse. The UW-Madison inventor used a different source of immune cells rather than using hematopoietic and progenitor stem cells isolated from bone marrow as previously reported to impart a primate immune system in the mice. He found that his engraftment was more stable than previously reported, and the mice he started with are relatively low cost. These mice could provide a lower cost alternative to nonhuman primate studies. These mice could also be used earlier in the drug screening process to improve the chances of lead compounds being effective towards primate immune systems.
Key Benefits
  • Reduced cost of primate related studies
  • Potential acceleration of lead target evaluation and optimization¬†
Additional Information
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