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Drug Discovery Development
WARF: P210398US01

Inventors: Ann Palmenberg

The Invention
UW-Madison researchers have cloned, sequenced and characterized the genome from an isolate of the RV-C45 genotype, and they’ve provided the cDNA for a high titer HRV-C (C45-2A-D41K), as well as the wild-type version (wt-C45). The high titer viral HRV-C genome (C45-2A-D41K) includes an engineered mutation in the viral 3A gene (Asp41Lys) that helps RNA transcripts and derived virus replicate to higher titers in HeLa cells. This is the first RV-C45 material to be available in a cDNA format. The Genbank accession number of the original/wt virus sequence (prior to the introduction of D41K) is JN837686. Full plasmid sequences for wt-C45 and C45-3A-D41K have been provided.
  • Production means to access RV-C45 for research and vaccine or therapeutic devleopment
  • cDNAs to produce RV-C45, both wt and engineered for better production in an engineered cell line (see below for link to cell line)
Key Benefits
  • Tested system of production of virus
  • Infectivity in humans and wild chimpanzees make RV-C45 of interest
Additional Information
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