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Use Of Botulinum Toxin For The Treatment Of Hypervolemic Lip Deformity (lip Ectropion)
WARF: P05407US

Inventors: Gary Borodic

The Invention
The present invention uses pharmaceutical preparations of Botulinum toxin to induce neurogenic atrophy to alter muscle volume and subsequently, facial contour. Reduction in lip volume is accomplished using the disclosed methods thereby producing a favorable effect on a hypervolemic lip deformity. In other embodiments of the invention, the methods disclosed herein may be used to shrink muscle bulk and contour, especially in the face. In one embodiment, treating excessive muscle bulk below the eyelids can cause a smoothing of the lower lid and cheek contour producing a favorable improvement in appearance. Such an application is in distinct contrast to rhytide (wrinkle reduction) as the injected region does not contain wrinkles or any other form of dynamic line, merely excessive tissue bulk.
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