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An Injectable And In-Situ Crosslinking Hydrogel For Endovascular Embolization
WARF: P200078US02

Inventors: Shaoqin Gong, Ruosen Xie, Dai Yamanouchi

The Invention
The present technology from UW Madison innovators provides a composition comprising a mixture of a source of calcium ions, alginate conjugated to an acrylate monomer (ALG-A), carboxymethylcellulose conjugated to an acrylate monomer (CMC-A) and water, wherein the mixture is a shear-thinning gel. The compositions may further include a polythiol agent. Such compositions are injectable due to their shear-thinning properties, yet stay in place, undergo in situ crosslinking, and provide safe, simple and efficacious endovascular embolization. Methods of making and using such compositions are also provided.
Additional Information
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