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Derivatives Of Turbinmicin As Antifungal Agents
WARF: P200353US02

Inventors: Timothy Bugni, Weiping Tang, Le Guo, Changgui Zhao, Fan Zhang, Douglas Braun, David Andes, Miao Zhao, Jenna Fossen

The Invention
The present invention from UW-Madison researchers is a set of analogs of turbinmicin that show similar efficacy but are more soluble than the parent molecule. The parent molecule proved to be fairly insoluble in aqueous solutions making dosing experiments challenging. Turbnmicin is a complex chemical molecule, so the inventors had to explore different chemistries to modify the molecule. Treatment of turbinmicin with a primary amine led to the imine analogs selectively in a nearly quantitative yield. The resulting imine product was remarkably stable even in aqueous media.
Additional Information
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