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Alkylphosphocholine Analogs For Multiple Myeloma Imaging And Therapy
WARF: P150207US03

Inventors: Chorom Pak, Jamey Weichert, Mario Otto, Roberta Marino, Fotios Asimakopoulos, Benjamin Titz, Kevin Kozak

The Invention
The inventors have discovered that certain alkylphosphocholine analogs are preferentially taken up by multiple myeloma tumor cells, as compared to non-tumor cells. The inventors have further demonstrated that preferential uptake of such compounds can be used in the therapeutic treatment of multiple myeloma, as well as in multiple myeloma detection/imaging applications. In therapeutic treatment, the alkylphosphocholine targeting backbone includes a radionuclide that locally delivers therapeutic dosages of radiation to the multiple myeloma tumors cells that preferentially take up the alkylphosphocholine analog. In detection/imaging applications, the alkylphosphocholine targeting backbone includes a detection moiety, such as a fluorophore or a radiolabel.
Additional Information
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