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Therapeutics Vaccines
Oligolactic Acid Conjugates And Micelles With Enhanced Anticancer Efficacy
WARF: P160169US02

Inventors: Glen Kwon, Yu Tong (Tony) Tam

The Invention
The present technology relates generally to oligolactic acid conjugates of paclitaxel, rapamycin, selumetinib, and other anticancer agents, micelle compositions containing such conjugates and methods of preparing and using such compositions to treat various cancers. Specifically, there are provided oligolactic acid conjugates wherein the oligolactic acid comprises 2 to 24 lactic acid subunits and is attached through an ester linkage to the oxygen of the 7-hydroxyl of the paclitaxel or paclitaxel derivative, the 40-hydroxyl of the rapamycin or rapamycin derivative, and the 2′-hydroxyl of the selumetinib or selumetinib derivative. Compositions comprising water and a micelle comprising a polylactic acid-containing polymer and the oligolactic acid conjugate may be readily prepared. Methods of inhibiting or killing cancer cells and treating paclitaxel, rapamycin, and/or selumetinib cancers are also provided.
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