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Synthetic Ligands that Modulate the Activity of the RhlR Quorum Sensing Receptor
WARF: P160350US02

Inventors: Helen Blackwell, Joseph Moore, Michelle Boursier

The Invention
UW Madison researchers have developed RhlR modulators including agonist and antagonists which are useful for modulating QS phenotypes in Gram-negative bacteria. Certain compounds of general formula A-W-HG having various carbocyclic ad heterocyclic head groups (HG) and various tail groups (A), where -W- is –CO-NH-, -SO2-NH-, -CO-NH-CH2-, or –SO2-NH-CH2- are RhlR agonists or antagonists. The compounds are useful in methods of modulating quorum sensing in Gram-negative bacteria, particularly in Pseudomonas. Compositions including certain RhlR modulators are useful for decreasing the virulence of Gram-negative bacteria. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising certain RhlR modulators are useful for treatment of infections of Gram-negative bacteria.
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