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Mutations That Confer Genetic Stability To Additional Genes In Influenza Viruses
WARF: P190174US02

Inventors: Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Yuri Furusawa

The Invention
The disclosure provides for an isolated recombinant influenza virus having at least one of: a PB2 viral segment encoding PB2 with residue at position 540 that is not asparagine or a residue at position 712 that is not glutamic acid, a PA viral segment encoding PA with a residue at position 180 that is not glutamine or a residue at position 200 that is not threonine, or a PB1 viral segment encoding PB1 with a residue at position 149 that is not valine, a residue at position 684 that is not glutamic acid or a residue at position 685 that is not aspartic acid, or any combination thereof, and methods of making and using the virus.
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