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Therapeutics Vaccines
Compositions And Methods Of Clostridiodides Difficile Treatment, Decolonization, And Prevention
WARF: P210282US02

Inventors: Noah Budi

The Invention
The present technology from this UW Madison researcher is a germinant mixture that includes a) a bile acid main germinant, b) an amino acid co-germinant, c) an edible spore solubilizing agent, and d) a divalent metal salt co-germinant. Also described is an oral pharmaceutical composition including the germinant mixture and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient. A method of treating, decolonizing, and/or preventing C. difficile infection in the gastrointestinal tract of a patient in need thereof includes orally administering the germinant mixture or the oral pharmaceutical composition and an antibiotic that is active against C. difficile to the patient in need thereof.
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