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Endotoxin Detection

Liquid Crystal-Based Assay for Rapid and Precise Detection of Endotoxin in the Presence of Masking Agents

UW-Madison researchers have developed methods and devices for the simple and low cost, yet rapid, sensitive and selective detection of endotoxin in the presence of masking agents. Their assay uses micrometer-sized droplets of liquid crystal dispersed in aqueous solution. When a sensor containing the liquid crystal droplets is exposed to a solution containing endotoxin, the alignment of the liquid crystals quickly changes. This change in alignment is unaffected by cations, surfactants, buffers or chelating agents commonly used in the production of therapeutic biologics and nucleotides and can be detected easily using polarized light or other means.

Principal Investigator: Nick Abbott

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In the News: Liquid Crystal Droplets Discovered to be Exquisitely Sensitive to an Important Bacterial Lipid


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