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Powerboard Smart Technology

Xudong Wang holds a sample of the energy harvesting technology, which uses wood pulp and harnesses nanofibers. PHOTO: STEPHANIE PRECOURT

Powerboard Smart Building Technology

UW-Madison researchers have developed energy harvesting floor materials that combine fiber-based triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) technology with recycled natural materials, like wood pulp and cardboard fibers. Footfalls on this material generate an appreciable amount of electricity that can be harnessed for use and enable monitoring of foot traffic. Under heavy foot traffic, the potential for high power output and energy conversion efficiency make these flooring products feasible as an eco-friendly, efficient and affordable technology for green building and infrastructure.

Principal Investigator: Xudong Wang

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Visitors to UW–Madison’s Union South walk across a section of floor designed and installed by College of Engineering researchers to capture the energy of footsteps and turn it into usable electricity. PHOTO: ADRIENNE NIENOW

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